On the Home tab, click, site Setup.
Preferred Seating section of the, partyGaming Configuration tab.
Manual hand import (recommended way) click best online slots no deposit bonus the, hand Importing button in the, home tab.Select all the files in the hand history folder using Edit Select All.The, auto Import Folder dialog shows.Documentation or from the Auto Import Site Configuration tab.PartyGaming Configuration tab to the right.This means your HUD will have to process all the files which is unnecessary.HoldemManager will now automaticaly look for new hands in these folders.And a File/Folder select dialog shows.To import and then clear the old hand history files, please follow these steps:.In this tutorial we are going to import a few files.Site Settings dialog shows.On the Manual Import tab click the Import From Directory button and browse to the folder where your site writes the hand history files.To do that, choose any poker network from the list on the left (for example FullTilt).If you use the Preferred Seating option in your Party Poker software (so that you are always shown in the same seat at every table) then you need to configure PokerTracker 3 to the same seat using the.Click on the small three dot button.If you wish PokerTracker 3 to start importing hands from PartyGaming whenever you start auto importing, enable the.Tip: If you do not see PartyGaming listed, check the. It is also recommended to enable both "Separate by Site" and "Separate by Date as they will organize your hand histories within the processed hands folder for easy retrieval.Make sure that the Move Processed Files To option is enabled and configured correctly, as described above.Select Files and a new dialog shows.

Next time you start Auto Import you should not see any duplicates reported.
Open button to start the import.