What happens next is up to you!
Vore: A Love Story by VoreFiend2099 overview "Does the title not say it all?The Multiverse by Jacobdragon overview "You thought there was only one universe, but there are so many out there.After much discussion between the two races, they decided to start out small.Just make sure that is clear with your story entry.There's just three simple rules.My life in a Voraphile's Future by TheVoreEngineer overview "NO longer main version, community additions CAN NOW BE added Once, there was an interactive story know as My Life as a Teenage Voraphile, originally created and mostly written by BrandRepko, hosted on the literature site.Vore Movie Adventures by, aryion overview "Movie come alive" 22 pages.If you need to dye your fabric, do so first, before cutting.NOW, it's up to you, the protagonist, to find your friends and escape the forest, or become lunch for creatures that dwell within!Book of Monsters by ScaredyCat12 overview "Abandoned story, you can take over if you'd like" 16 pages.Chalk, may need: Lots of paper, pen, fabric INK (not paint) paintbrushes, sharpies of your color choice.Also, you will need to login first to make a new story.Under construction" 16 pages.Who is it might you ask well it is Kiri.As long slot machine jelentése as your pages are true to the spirit of the original storyline you should be okay.Will you be able to escape alive or find yourself dying a gory demise?It can go from vore(any kind).Vore Community (Furry Edition) by Datstrudel overview "Don't let the name fool you, this is a completely different story than the other.I am trying at least.You'll play a male character who lives in a community who indulge in vore.Katrin's unwanted Vore Adventure.