Bing returns content for only these markets.
String lastUpdated The last date that the jak wygrać w lotto system offer was updated.String similarTerms A list of terms that are similar in meaning to the user's query term.The object includes this field only if the Ranking answer specifies that you display all related searches in a group.ImagesModule recipes A list of recipes related to the image.QueryContext Defines the query context that Bing used for the request, if the specified query string contains a spelling error.Object dateLastCrawled The last time that Bing crawled the webpage.Tile Defines an image tile.Object description A short description of the entity.Computation entities A list of entities that are relevant to the search query.LinkAttribution Defines a contractual rule for link attribution.For example, if the target is an image, you would use the URL to make the image clickable.Name Value Type entityScenario The supported scenario.For example, you may use height and size to request small images that are 150 pixels tall.Note that mathematical expressions may be normalized.
At other times it's the other way around - it's pretty useful to see multiple translations at the same time.