A group of Danish technology pioneers began operations here in 1980.
With a market share of about 9, Bonus was one of the top five manufacturers of wind turbines in 2004.
Were all dedicated to renewables, especially wind power, and believe in the need for a true energy transition.Vi kan bygge videre på Bonus' avancerede teknologi og på de dygtige og motiverede medarbejderes ekspertise.9 ved udgangen af 2003.Why did Siemens buy Bonus?Sammen med Siemens' finansielle styrke og globale salgs- og marketingaktiviteter åbner handelen helt nye og lovende muligheder for vores forretning; og dermed også for de ansatte hos Bonus Energy A/S siger Voges.Ud over et produktionsanlæg ved virksomhedens hovedsæde i telekom bonus für neukunden Brande, har Bonus Energy A/S sit eget nye anlæg til fremstilling af rotorblade i Aalborg.According to Klaus Voges, president of Siemens Power Generation, "The sales posted by our new Wind Power Division are earmarked to rise at a significantly higher rate than the world market for wind energy systems, which grows at an annual rate." Over the.With Bonus expertise in turbine manufacturing and Siemens expertise in project management, the marriage should help Siemens compete strongly, especially in Europe."Wind power has matured to the point where it is now an increasingly necessary component of utilities generation portfolios, and it is one of the chief growth segments of the power equipment business." Bonus, while offering a range of turbines rated from 600.Nu, hvor vi bliver vindkraftafdelingen i Siemens Power Generation, der er verdens førende producent af energiteknik, er jeg sikker på, at vi kan fastholde positionen som en af markedslederne inden for den globale vindenergiindustri.The Sinalytics platform connects domain knowledge with high-quality data and analytics, which Roemer-Odgaard refers to as hitting the sweet spot, that helps the team achieve a detection hit rate of more than 99 percent for drive-train damage including, but not limited to, main bearing damage.Hierarchies are flat at the RDC; analysts and engineers exchange knowledge and work closely together.
Its a grey and rainy late-summer day as I arrive at the Siemens wind power center in Brande, a small town on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark.
Siemens Power Generation (PG) og ejeren af Bonus Energy A/S - Danregn Vindkraft A/S - har i dag indgået aftale om, at Siemens overtager Bonus Energy A/S.