For senior management who are not covered by the roulette statistik app Collective Agreement, the maximum variable remuneration is 100 of the annual salary.
Collective Agreement, the remaining staff in the Netherlands (more than 99 of the total Dutch workforce) receive salaries that are fixed in the negotiated Collective Agreement.
Eigenlijk is het net hetzelfde principe als dat van het ouderwets spaarpotje.The Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem welcomed the latest move and said that the government would now go ahead and discuss the stock market listing.This ensures that only sustained achievements with a long-term effect are rewarded.ABN Amro's latest earning report showed the bank made an underlying profit.5bn (1.6bn;.1bn) in 2014.Blog, hou je spaardoel in de gaten met doelsparen van Moneyou.Doe aan vrijwilligerswerk, ruil je huis, ga smiddags dineren of huur een fiets.In addition, members of the Managing Board and managing directors the management layer immediately below the Managing Board receive no short-term bonuses if no profits are made.The variable remuneration regime for the ABN amro Managing Board is in fact stricter than the rules agreed in the Code.The majority of employees will receive a bonus of 9 of their annual salary for the year 2010."We understand and regret the turbulence that has arisen it said.One third of the variable remuneration is awarded after one year, and two-thirds after three years.The statement from the bank continued: "Now that our remuneration is the subject of discussion and threatens to affect the future of ABN Amro, we are putting the interests of the bank and the public first - as we always do - and have decided.ABN amro would like to know your opinion, so below this article you can react to this article via Disqus.Daarbovenop ontvang je vaak ook je vakantiegeld en je eco-cheques in deze prachtige lentemaand.Lees verder, blog, dankzij deze 4 tips verdien je geld tijdens je vakantie.The performance bonus amounts to between 0 and 20 of the annual salary and is paid out if staff are performing satisfactorily.Generally speaking, these employees receive a lower fixed salary and a slightly higher variable portion.
International staff, staff working outside the Netherlands receive a salary that is comparable with salaries paid in the local market where they work.