el gordo navidad lottery

The name, sorteo de Navidad was used for the first time in 1892.
The smaller cage contains 1,807 small wooden balls, each one representing a prize written in Euros: 1 ball for the first prize, called El Gordo.
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All numbers ending in "58" (excluding überfall spielothek wilhelmshaven El Gordo ) obtained 1,000, and all numbers ending in "8" (excluding El Gordo ) obtained a refund of 200.This includes the years during the.After the overthrow of the Republican government the lottery continued uninterrupted under the.Because the 200 ticket price may be prohibitive for many purchasers, each of the pre-printed tickets is actually a perforated tear-apart sheet of 10 identical sub-tickets (or fractions) sold for 20 each.1 ball for the third prize.The largest one contains 100,000 small wooden balls, each with a unique 5-digit ticket number on it, from 00000 to 99999.Please verify your mobile number.Established in 1812, El Gordo has become a cultural cornerstone and Christmas tradition in Spain as players gather together to buy tickets for this special festive raffle.The table above shows the top 5 prize tiers but the 'pedrea or 'shower of prizes includes hundreds of further prizes drawn throughout the day.El Gordo edit The climax of the drawing is the moment when El Gordo is drawn.For example, in 2015, there were 180 series of 100,000 tickets each, for a total of 18,000,000 tickets available at 200 each.Learn more about El Gordo here.The machines are called bombos.
The series is also identified on each ticket by a series number.

Apart from the prizes drawn from the vessel, some prizes are calculated from the winning numbers (view the table with prizes above).
The balls have holes on them so they can be placed (skewerd) into long wires which are placed in frames for later presentation.