It's especially noticeable in The Power Of One, where poker player going broke wanting to be good for a change is part of their motivation.
Stone Wall : Even among the Rockets, he gets inflicted the most damage.
Downplayed in Sun and Moon, where he takes part in battles more often, even if his track record in them isn't much better.And when the times comes for "Luthor" to explain his plan to his co-conspirators, well.While most of her other characters got replacement actors, the English dub just reused Roger's previous recordings for Wobbuffet until her return.From Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman's Soccer 4-koma manga :.A single flower of evil in this fleeting world: Jessie!Even Evil Has Standards : In the episode "A Chansey Operation." Arbok was treated by a Chansey from a crash that hurt several Pokémon.Friend or Idol Decision : All three of the trio have had instances they could either go straight or move on to a more promising role if they ditched their Team Rocket allies.Planescape due to its nature had to deal with Character Alignment closer.Take that, public services!, nowhere near enough time to break their computer.Prince Rupert in Searching For Dragons had to do an evil act or get thrown out of the Men's Auxiliary to the Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers ' Travelling, Drinking, and Debating Society.Chimecho's main role is as a cheerleader, like Wobbuffet.Complete with one member making sure the spacing is correct.So he decided, while regent, to abandon his nephew the crown prince in the Enchanted Forest (it was actually the nephew's idea; he was hoping to have an adventure).Bewear, who so far has been near unstoppable, actually backs down and sits until the fight is over.When he got hexed by Mimikyu when trying to look under its shroud, he hallucinated about seeing a Glaceon, a Gardevoir, and a Lopunny, all female.He once participated in a cross country race and came in first place (unfortunately for his allies he got a bit too into his disguise and gave the heroes his prize ).Especially evident in the Kalos era.
Or when he went into a restaurant and switched two meals and hoped it'd warrant appearing on the news.
Spike Shooter : Knows Pin Missile.