Other Achievements do have casino com bonus code kings casino bonus to be accomplished separately, such as winning the Pro Tournament.
Computer opponents are avatars too, naturally.
Like all WP7 Xbox Live games so far, it's single-player only.Pro Takedowns reward players with serious money, XP, and unlockable customizations; they are worth the risk to enter.Crackdown: Project Sunburst unlocks a few bonus features in Crackdown 2 on Xbox 360, but thats only the tip of the ice berg.Full House Poker each have their own 200 GamerScore to earn, so gamers who buy both have 400 potential points to shoot for.These games go on forever or until the player chooses to stop playing.Full House Poke r excels.Full House Poker has 50 levels of experience for players to attain. In this version, Calling and going All-In have their own buttons.The phone version also moves a lot faster, making it easier to level up and earn money with than its console counterpart.Full House Poker on Windows Phone 7 allows a single player to compete against 2-5 computer opponents at once in a game of Texas hold.You can grab it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.During game play, your avatar sits in the lower corner of the screen, sliding chips forward when you bet and reacting appropriately when you win or lose. .Players do have a persistent bankroll, so winning money is always good.Wikipedia : Texas hold ems rules are really quite simple, and the game has plenty of tutorial texts to help new players along.Leveling and customization, texas hold em is fine card game in and of itself, but for a video game like this to be truly addictive in the long run it needs a good progression system.The Achievements for reaching level 50 and earning a 500,000 bankroll would be a huge hassle to earn independently in both versions, so its quite convenient that experience and money transfer seamlessly.
The AI could be a little better - computer players tend to fold too often.
The blinged-out Xbox 360 version costs 800 Microsoft Points (10) and also has a trial.