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Community Mobility, dressing, driving, feeding, Eating and Swallowing, financial and Mail Management.A qualification which care assistants can achieve to prove they are competent, knowledgeable and committed to their job, our care staff are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential.If you have between 17,000.00 and 27,250 in capital you will have to pay an amount towards your fees.They will not take into account any capital you have up to a value of 17,000.Managing personal devices (hearing aids, eyeglasses, contacts, AFO, hand splint, back brace, slings, and prosthetics).All our menus are nutritionally checked and our food is freshly prepared. .We arrange regular outings by minibus.Social Life and Leisure We believe that social and leisure aspects of life are an integral part of care, which should be all about achieving maximum independence and helping people to have some fun!If the home's fees are being paid by your local authority your social worker will decide whether you need the bing bong song residential or was bedeutet bonuslevel nursing care by carrying out an assessment of your needs.Cervical Stenosis, Myelopathy and Radiculopathy Cervical Spine Surgery Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Chronic/Persistent Pain Syndrome microsoft bing visual search Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I Congestive Heart Failure (see Cardiac Disease) Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Conservative Management Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Postoperative Management Depression De Quervain's Syndrome - Conservative.Our Residents range from those who are able to walk about unaided to residents who are bed-bound and need special care to keep them comfortable.Dining: Meals are an important part of our day; dining is designed to be a social occasion to be shared with friends and family alike.Home Safety and Modification, therapeutic Exercise, visual Perception.Train in safe and efficient functional mobility (sit to stand, bed mobility skills, transfers, standing, ambulation, and wheelchair mobility) during dressing tasks.If you are not paying the full cost yourself your husband or wife may be asked to contribute towards your fees.