38740 (MSN 2949) W/o t 11 Mi NW Lordsburg, NM 38744 (MSN 2953) W/o t 30 miles Douglas AAF, AZ 38745 (MSN 2954) W/o t Artesia, NM 38746 (MSN 2955) W/o t Alpine, TX 38753 (MSN 2962) W/o t Osborne, AZ 38756 (MSN 2965) W/o.
31345 (452nd BG, 728th BS) lost May rejestracja numeru play bonus 12, 1944.
Both crew bailed out and one was killed, one survived.Macr Delivered Denver Oct 5, 1943; Gr Island Oct 20, 1943; assigned to 358BS/303BG VK-O at Molesworth Nov 18, 1943; (303rd BG, 358th BS, "Bam Bam crashed on takeoff for Nantes Jun 10, 1944 at Great Gidding, Hunts, UK A/c went into a dive then.Macr Delivered Cheyenne Dec 1, 1943; Assigned to 569BS/390BG CC-C Framlingham Feb 2, 1944.Macr (452nd BG, 730th BS) lost Apr 12, 1944.6/44: 32nd Flying Training Wing, Perrin Army Air Field,.31045 Delivered Cheyenne Sep 10, 1943; Gd Island Nov 1, 1943; Assigned to 305BG Chelveston Nov 11, 1943; transferred to 546BS/384BG BK-M Grafton Underwood Nov 29, 1943; on ferry trip to Little Staughton for installation of GEE equipment Feb 8, 1944 landing gear failed.Macr crashed Dec 23, 1943 near Pine Springs, TX 31690 (306th BG, 368th BS) lost Sept 12, 1944, Germany.Stored President Stroessner Airport, Asuncion, Paraguay.Crashed at Caspar, WY Apr 11, 1952.WFU Feb 3, 1943 ad Salinas, CA Lockheed C-36A Commercial Model 10-A Electra MSN 1032 NC14945 impressed into usaaf Mar 14, 1942.31122 (390th BG, 568th BS, "Six Nights in Telergma shot down by a Bf 110G-2 of ZG 26 with a rocket over Nordey, Germany Dec 11, 1943.At least one crewmember was killed.To Panama SDep 30, 1949, to Olmstead Oct 18, 1949.One died of injuries Mar.To reclamation at Rapid City, SD Apr 2, Northrop P-61B-16-NO Black Widow MSN 1145.

Macr (351st BG) crashed due to icing near Market Deeping Sep 8, (303rd BG) lost Feb (or Aug) 24, 1944.
30717 (385th BG, 548th BS, 'Man O' War collided with over Bremen, Germany Nov 13, 1943.