Einem Jahr rauche ich nicht mehr.
She usually _ the piano in the morning.
London's famous_, an omnibus, is well-known as a quick and reliable means of transport.
Basically tea is a drink made _ the dried leaves of a plant that only grows in hot countries.Beefeater or the Queen's Guard are considered _ be symbolic of Englishness.There are all kinds of responsibilities _ as back up of data, installation of new machines, and installation of the product that the Small World actually produces.A) What river lotto sonderauslosung gewinnerliste brandenburg does it stand on?Became a world superpower by the dawn of the _ War.Du liebst _ Eltern.Moscow possesses a complex transport system, _ includes 3 international airports and 9 railroad terminals.Isn't it natural tk bonusprogramm bonus direct that we like to be praised and _ like to be scolded?What is the Lake District ihg 100k bonus known_?Sollte man frisches _ servieren, sein gesundheitlicher Wert ist weit größer als der von Kompott oder erhitztem Obst._ für Kaffee gibt's auch zu Hause.Das ist _ Kind.You can visit the stunning Minster, enjoy Stonegate, Shambles shopping, the jorvik Viking Centre, and National Railway Museum in _ is the largest, industrial and most densely-populated country of the.K?

Here is an armchair guide to some of the sports which can make skydiving seem about _ 'extreme' as dominoes.
Your jeans _ torn, is it fashionable?
Trouvez le bon verbe: cette pièce de machine et dites si elle est faite comme vous lavez exigé.