The purpose of this site is to display Lotto Max Winning Numbers to Canadian Lotto Players.
Playing lotto MAX by Quick Pick or Selection Slip.
You bestes online poker casino can add up to five extra (one per each lotto MAX purchase) by specifying it with your Quick Pick request or by marking Yes under each board played.Add extra for an additional 1 per number.See the archivio lotto 2013 febbraio chart below.For each 5 lotto MAX purchase, you will also receive two additional Quick Picks. .The extra number(s) is valid for the same draw date(s) as the host game listed at the top of the ticket.If the 50M jackpot is not won, the Maxmillions that were not won are added to those of the next draw.You can select one set of numbers, and the Ticket Terminal selects another two.Maxmillions and the jackpot will continue to grow until the jackpot reaches 60 million.The jackpot starts at 10,000,000 and, if not won, grows by at least 5,000,000 per draw up to the maximum jackpot of 60,000,000.Refer to the Play Both box below for more information.The remaining amount of 214,000 would be added to the 6/7B pool.The difference is added to the 6/7B pool.These additional sets of numbers must be matched exactly to win; no subsidiary prizes will be offered.Welcome to our site.Read more about the changes to Lotto Max.You can add one extra number for an additional.Any jackpot or maxmillions prizes not won will carry over to the jackpot (or maxmillions prizes, if applicable) for the subsequent draw.Is not an official Lotto site.
You can purchase up to five lotto MAX on one ticket.
In addition, we provide results for Atlantic Tag, Quebec Extra, Ontario Extra, Western Extra and BC Extra.

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The balance remaining is the Pools Fund, from which all other pari-mutuel shares of prizes are paid.
Share.15 of Pools Fund* 1: 4,090,504 6 of 7, share.35 of Pools Fund* 1: 99,768 5 of 7, share.25 of Pools Fund* 1: 1,584 4 of 7 20* 1:.3 3 of 7Bonus 20* 1:.7 3.