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To lunch with pastor and mentor Carl.Mentor Roulette are titled I Hope Mentor Notices.Guide to Obtain: Looks to be released with Revenge of the Horde Patch.3.ShareSave level 2Ximena Reign Goblin nightmarecandle 2 points 11 months ago edited 11 months ago Current tui bingo kemer 4* level extremes are not in Mentor Roulette, only previous ones.If you went in with a full group, you cannot commend anybody.Complete 50 duties via Duty Roulette.As of Patch.05, players fulfilling this bonus in the Leveling roulette, will receive a Cracked Cluster as an extra reward, in addition to the Gil/Seals you'd normally receive.I assume two of them are the Anti.Speak with one of the.Fantasy XIealm Reborn Wiki.Several achievement chains for the.Subscribe Create Post Reddit Redesign Welcome to the Reddit redesign bing api sign in beta, please bear with us as we adjust /r/ffxiv 's redesign appearance as well as wait on bug fixes from the admins.Mathematician creates ingenious machine that tips.Hall of the Novice and Mentor System.Source redkings sign up bonus code edit: My mostly completed list, I'm missing Sophia ex then I unlock.I became a mentor and I looked in the roulette to find out that.Won the The Mentor achievement.To-Do List, random page.