Fixed an error that kept all but one of the Bait Crates from spawning cops.
The distance from the player to the finish line is now displayed correctly between the Sky Pillar and the indicator in the top right corner in AllDrive: Hangouts.You can now paint Derelict cars that have been purchased from a dealership.He hasnt been seen since.This achievement requires you to reach level.A gap between Mansory front fenders and bumpers on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe 2017 has been removed.Transitioning from a previous casual Speedlist server to a new casual Speedlist puts you right into the action, instead of dropping you in a strange parallel universe where you cant see other players or checkpoints (but they can see you).We smoothed that out.All checkpoints during the event Safety Last will now award bonus time.Improved performance within Ranked Speedlist, fixed a crash that would sometimes occur during initial loading.It used to be difficult for players to collect the poker chip near the Razors Edge Sprint Race with the McLaren P1 due.Improved off-road handling of the BMW X6M.The AI visa karte bonus has been improved in the Holtzman: The Coming Storm event.The height of the car.The Maximum Insanity achievement has been fixed so it only unlocks when the criteria are met.

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