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A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game.
So step out of these close ups for now and pick up the Handkerchief (folded in a triangular form) from the floor, at the foot of the bedside-table and to the right of the bed.
Move your cursor around the bottom-center of the screen until you get a hand icon (you will find it on lotto max du 19 mai a hole in a thin stretch of white snow surrounded by ice).
Finally, pick up the Pipecleaner (looks like a white straw) from the floor, just left of the bed.Try to go left again.Open your inventory and combine the Lump of Coal and the Hammer in the Gears section, to retrieve Coal Dust.Step out of the close up and click on the stool (with a lamp and dishes on it) behind the books, to hear the heroine's comment.Step back to the front of the room.Pick up the Silver Pocket Watch from the pocket on the left side of the victim's shirt.Return to the corridor and enter Calais Room 5-6 Schmidt Debenham.Greta will step aside to find her own ticket, but you can go forward now.Move further inside this room and see Hardman through the window.Check the suitcase up on the carrier on the heroine's left and click inside, to retrieve a Leather Sap and hear Poirot's voice in the background: "Regardez, Mademoiselle!" Step forward in the room and close up on the brief case, on the berth spielautomaten tipps und tricks quizduell on your.Poirot's Instructions in your scrapbook, you will find that one of them tells you to use the ham radio to get more information about the suspects.But there is nothing we can do with it yet, so step out of the close up and return to the corridor.Click around the top of the screen to approach them and find them to be the Colonel and Hector MacQueen.Go down the corridor and enter Calais Room 16 Hardman.We are done for now.Click on the Eye icon to have the heroine read.Move D to the front The box will open and the heroine will automatically retrieve Dragomiroff's Locket.A cutscene follows in which the heroine will give the vinegar and the olive oil to the chef.

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