Of his many songs, this one is a profound, yet dark look at his storytelling.
My previous article on Frightened Rabbit The Winter Of Mixed Drinks Album Review can be found here advertisements."State Hospital on "State Hospital Hutchison tells the story of a girl who was born into an abusive home, but didn't stand a chance.The simple guitar lines that underlay the soul-bearing lyrics on the verses are swelled by chiming guitars and a beautifully understated Organ on the songs wordless chorus, where Hutchinsons falsetto voice sings the stunning melodic hook that the song circles around."Good Arms vs Bad Arms the way Hutchison would sing about love and heartbreak was devastatingly beautiful.The band posted a statement in response to his death saying, "There are no words to describe the overwhelming alle pokebälle sadness and pain that comes with the death of our beloved Scott but to know he is no longer suffering brings us some comfort.".Should look through some old photos, I adored you in every one of those) but with the almost triumphant sounding line."But there's one thing we've got going/ And it's the only thing worth knowing /It's got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon Hutchison sings of their unbreakable connection regardless of what happens next.As the song heads towards closure there are still elements of regret (.It is obvious how much the song means to Hutchinson based on the emotional delivery on every live clip that features on youtube and its easy to understand why thats the case."The Woodpile" hones in on this feeling, but with the dichotomy of a "conventional rock song.Well we can change our partners this is a progressive dance but remember it was me who dragged you up to the sweaty floor.I'm so annoyed that it's not.Should look through some old photos I adored you in every one of those.It's got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon.Poke at my iris, why can't I cry about this?As one of Hutchison's more anthemic songs, "The Wrestle" is an intense series of metaphors for a sexual encounter.Surging percussion fuels this New Order-influenced track that served as an energetic single from Frightened Rabbit's 2013 album.Hutchison sings about the loneliness of casual sex profoundly on one of his most well-known earworms."She was born into a grave he sings, raspily."Nitrous Gas a gospel-influenced ballad, "Nitrous Gas" seems to mock at his penchant for making sad songs.Like much of Hutchison's music, it's as self-reflective as it is a story he's telling.
My love for Frightened Rabbit and Scott Hutchinsons lyrics were well documented on my previous article explaining why their third album, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, was so special.