poke someone back

It's not at all uncommon to have Facebook "friends" that are distant acquaintances at best in the real world.
The meaning of the Poke was never defined, as Facebook decided to leave it up to interpretation.
Try going to your own wall then look on the left side.
Sources and Citations Did this article help you?Facebook would not confirm if or when it would make these features publicly available to all).Unfortunately, you can't "un-poke".above: a demo of the new Greetings feature on Facebook.(It had tested a hello automatenspiele ohne anmeldung kostenlos spielen kommentare button earlier this year, as well.this will send your friend a poke notification.Most people will just ignore a poke anyway.Keep in mind that when you poke someone, only the recipient can see.3, don't poke someone to get other people's attention.You can only poke friends you won't get the option to poke on the pages of people you aren't friends with.Not everyone has the test of the Greetings buttons or the new Poke button, we understand.While lotto poker gagnant you can poke these people, it's not usually a good idea.With these more lightweight interactions, you can show a friend youre thinking about them with little effort on your part.Look for the one with an ellipses (three dots).Someone from a state school poked me!" by, fadonk, august 19, 2005.The person who stopped poking back lost, thus making the other the winner of the "war".2, part 2 Poking Etiquette 1, do poke your friends to get their attention.Click this to automatically poke this person back.3, click the "." button.It's annoying to log on and see a new notification only to discover it's a poke, so if you do this too much your friends may start ignoring your pokes.
Don't use pokes to try to embarrass people no one else will be able to see what you're doing.

Question How do I unpoke someone on Facebook?