Classic Tacos: These are the tacos you can find in just about every local taqueria, even if the Big Little's versions don't necessarily look the similar.
Read more, food is always excellent.
No dish or flavor combination is too out there or too bizarre to be transformed into a taco, be it a bánh mì, sweet and russisches kartenspiel sour chicken, or a lamb gyro.Great fresh sushi we got the free edamame (4sq special).While u wait check out m casino bonus code for your custom wine and labeling needs.Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger, i am no match for, big Little's.I always get pomagrante martinis.13 Tips) "happy hour saki and beer is a great way to drive drunk by 6pm.The taco options are spread over two different menus, a regular and and daily specials menu, neither of which is available to peruse on the restaurant's barebones website.Loved the Kaisen Ceviche the Viva Las Vegas roll!Another great Sushi restaurant close to Club Reign parking is simple.Honestly, I only went for one taco.Going back again very soon.Used to be a hot spot.Once you get beyond that, YOU'LL love 'Ra'!Sat at sushi bar and Chef Chris made a fantastic Viva Las Vegas roll and then created some original rolls based on my tastes.Happy Hour M-Sat, 3-7pm.If you hate sushi, try the "Ra"ckin shrimp!What Big Little's lacks in technical taco making prowessthe tortillas, especially, are the standard store-bought corn varietyit makes up in genuine creativity.I had the Katsu Bento and it was really good.Sit at the sushi bar for fast service!Scallop dynamite roll and the pork gyoza are amazing.Ask Andy for details, he is the GM at the restaurant.
Rather expensive but awesome selection of sushi and amazing specialty roll options!
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Great food great service!