poke translate french

Poke sth (make hole) agujerear Jim poked a bing karten api hole in his jumper.
Wendy le dio un toque a Bill y lo despertó.
Asomar Su cartera estaba abierta y su paraguas asomaba de ella.
Stranded by his shipmates on the Big Island, John Young wound up one of Kamehameha the Greats most trusted advisers.October 11, 2018, hawaii Blogs.Henry le dio un toque a Gary en Facebook.Poke (Facebook feature) toque ( voz inglesa ) poke Amy has twenty Facebook pokes.American plant) phytolacca americana slowpoke, poke, UK: slowcoach US, informal (person who does things slowly) ( figurado ) tortuga ( MX ) arranado pausado.Poke sb in sth vtr prep (jab lotto system anteil erfahrung with sth pointed) darle a alguien en clavarle algo a alguien.Poke sb (jab with sth pointed) darle con algo a alguien clavarle algo a alguien, she poked him with her umbrella to wake him.Henry poked Gary on Facebook.Poke sth (fire: prod, stir) ( fuego ) avivar Andrew poked the fire to get it going again.October 15, 2018, oahu, destination: Oahu, combining the flavor of old Hawaii with modern decadence, Oahu offers the best of old and new island roulette home game set india life.Jim agujereó su campera.Poke sth through sth vtr prep (jab through) sacar por vtr prep asomar por vtr prep Paula poked her finger through the hole in her glove.
Poke through vi adv (protrude, stick out) sobresalir The snow lay thick, but one or two green shoots were poking through.