qt c create slot

This behavior can be modified with the property.
28 Actions with the Shortcut property won't be shown in any shortcut menus unless specifically set by the property.
See also focusNextChild and focusPreviousChild.
Enum Qt:ItemSelectionMode This enum is herz im kartenspiel 5 buchstaben used in QGraphicsItem, QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsView to specify how items are selected, or how to determine if shapes and items collide.It can happen for one of the following reasons: repaint or update was invoked, the widget was obscured and has now been uncovered, or many other reasons.Qt:MatchFixedString 8 Performs string-based matching.ChildrenRegion : const QRegion This property holds the combined region occupied by the widget's children Hidden children are excluded.Enum Qt:Key The key names used.To rapidly update custom widgets with simple background colors, such as real-time plotting or graphing widgets, it is spielhalle zu kaufen gesucht better to define a suitable background color (using setBackgroundRole with the QPalette:Window role set the autoFillBackground property, and only implement the necessary drawing functionality in the widget's.Qt:ApplicationShortcut 2 The shortcut is active when one of the applications windows are active.The window container is attached as a native child window to the toplevel window it is a child.Qt:TextHideMnemonic 0x8000 Same as Qt:TextShowMnemonic but doesn't draw the underlines.If the same signal is already connected to the same slot for the same pair of objects).Warning: Some widgets require certain flags in order to work as intended.QList QAction * QWidget:actions const Returns the (possibly empty) list of this widget's actions.Warning: You should not normally need to use this function; instead create QAction s with the shortcut key sequences you require (if you also want equivalent menu options and toolbar buttons or create QShortcut s if you just need key sequences.Custom models should return data in these types.Mouse and tablet event handling is also slightly special: only when the widget is enabled, event will call the specialized handlers such as mousePressEvent otherwise it will discard the event.Qt:ItemIsAutoTristate 64 The item's state depends on the state of its children.Top-Level and Child Widgets, a widget without a parent widget is always an independent window (top-level widget).Qt:AlignCenter counts as both horizontal and vertical.If no file path is set, this property contains an empty string.This signal is emitted when the widget's contextMenuPolicy is Qt:CustomContextMenu, and the user has requested a context menu on the widget.
Qt:WaitCursor 3 An hourglass or watch cursor, usually shown during operations that prevent the user from interacting with the application.