slot allocation amule

That is data such as file rates, extended file descriptions (encoding, audio length, video resolution, etc and other trivial but very handy data.
Name that file ED2KLinks then place it in /.aMule and aMule will automatically detect it, add all those ed2k links to download and remove the file.
Just click on the Connect button.
This means the port through which all non-core packets are sent to the server.As for wie gewinne ich am spielautomaten prozent TCP and UDP ports, just use the standard ports unless you have trouble.What are all those files aMule creates the first time it is run?(Do not use Kad for the first search on a fresh install, since it needs to bootstrap properly first.) Choosing global search will give more results than a single server search.Green progress bars have been completely downloaded and successfully verified (and so will be in your 'incoming folder.A friend slot is just a slot which is assigned to a client in the friends list.However, for a very popular file, it does not really matter.Too many open connections may also decrease performance (slightly).There are no servers by default.To open the ports you can either install Firestarter, the GUI for iptables by typing the following in the terminal: Code: sudo apt-get install firestarter.To avoid the bad ones, untick the «update serverlist» boxes, and tick «autoconnect to servers in static list only».18.09.07: Removed recommendation of donkeyservers because of suspicious behavior (no search results).What is aMule aMule is a p2p, or peer-to-peer, client for the eD2k network, commonly known as eDonkey network or eD2k network (eDonkey2000).You can access aMule preferences by clicking on the Preferences icon at the top of the aMule window.Yellow chunks are those that client is currently uploading to you.Have in mind that aMule WebBrowser must also be configured.To convert to kilo Bytes simply divide the kilo Bits value.

This is important to narrow down your search and find what you are looking for.
Try any non-standard p2p port first.
Thats it for the Preferences box!