The winning figures for the lottery don't poke the bear at the time were 18, 22, 6, 17, 23, 26 while the bonus number was.
This lottery game presents a small guess range and prize divisions numbering.You have completed your registration.Any sum of even 1,000 CHF which you have won for Swiss Lotto shall be paid straight to your players account.Larger amounts involve a different process and the amount (excluding the tax deduction) shall be deposited in the players bank account.How can I win Swiss Lotto?Somit stieg die Zahl der SwisslottoMillionäre auf 702.History of the Swiss Lotto and other information.Replay is an extra free game you will participate in each time you play Swiss Lotto.If you exceed this time, your Swiss Lotto ticket shall be declared invalid.Swiss Lotto Payouts, a report of the largest jackpot for Swiss Lotto.6 mln francs was made on The lucky player was from Berne.Remember that there are no taxation regulations for lottery in Switzerland.Enter your code here, resend, please enter your code, verify.You should be at least 18 years old to qualify to buy a ticket to play one of the lotto games in Switzerland, such as Swiss Lotto.The number of drawings for which submission of a line is made needs to be displayed when you are buying the ticket.Swiss Lotto held its initial draw in 1970.
If you win more than 1,000 CHF you shall receive payment straight to your post office or bank account after tax deductions.
Check results for Swiss Lotto after the draw takes place and find out whether you are a jackpot winner.

It was necessary for you to buy your lottery tickets for Swiss Lotto from a certified seller inside Switzerland.
Choose 1 more Lucky digit between 1-6 from the 2nd drum.
The Joker is currently available, and players have a chance to win prizes that are even higher.